Gribowski & Associates Limited

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Specialists in securing funding from government programs
to develop new or improved materials, devices, products and processes…

RETROACTIVE Incentive Programs
Comprehensive approach to recover substantial costs for eligible projects and activities through Canada’s SR&ED entitlement tax incentive program and related provincial programs. Qualifying expenditures include direct labour, overhead, materials, contractors, and machinery, equipment, software used primarily for SR&ED.

PROACTIVE Support Programs
Separately or in conjunction with “retroactive” programs, “proactive” discretionary targeted support programs can accelerate execution of company’s strategic technology roadmap, and with the availability of more funding, provide opportunities to broaden scope of objectives.

Developing Synergies for Powerful Results™ for more than 20 years

  • Long term relationships with progressive manufacturers with annual sales from $9m to $80m.
  • Preparing and successfully defending SR&ED claims from $1m to $7m, with up to 50 projects per claim.
  • Developing, structuring and executing government programs for R&D projects with business, academia and publicly-funded institutes.

Technologies / Industry Sectors

A broad spectrum of knowledge in sciences, technologies, engineering, industry sectors and related subsets including manufacturing, chemistry, plastics, coatings, packaging, woodworking, materials, hard films (physical / chemical vapour depositions, plating), tribology, electronics, mechanics, metalworking, HVAC, food / beverages, lighting, energy, and environmental technologies.

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